A Play for the Rainforests🌳🌳🌳

Fathers Day Reading Room

This weekend past, families across the globe celebrated Father’s Day. It was a special time to show how much we care for and value the role that fathers play in raising children and nurturing the family unit. Fathers and father figures are also critical in helping children learn about the importance of caring for nature and protecting the environment.

This is why BLI Global and RESI Ltd, with support from Our Kids Climate, World Rainforest Day, and UNCCD are jointly commemorating Father’s Day and World Rainforest Day on 22nd June 2021 in a second reading room, as promised. This time, we are taking to acting in the second installment of James The Steward series with the book, Keeper of the Forest.

The book draws on the real-life threat that Bugoma Forest, a tropical rainforest in Uganda, has faced in recent years. It is a cry to stakeholders in the region not to give up the fight to save the forest from destruction and a tribute to every climate and environmental activist striving for the protection of other rainforests around the world. For we know that rainforests serve not only as homes for wild animals and plant species but also as a source of food for indigenous communities. Finally, they are natural carbon sinks and help us all in the race to intensify climate ambition and instill climate hope.

So join us for an exciting zoom experience and listen to characters like James, Sarah, Akot, and Mugisha come to life. 

Link: tinyurl.com/jamesthesteward
Passcode: 287438
Day: 22nd June, 2021
Time: 10:00am EDT

Stay Hopeful, Be Compassionate,

The BLI Global Family
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