The Global Ambassador Program

In early April 2018, BLI run a global call to recruit ambassadors in different countries across the globe under the “Global Ambassador Program“. We got a number of interesting applications and were able to select the following as ambassadors to embody our vision and mission of “Inspiring Global Good”.  We are currently seeking new ambassadors, if you want to positively change your community and contribute to achievement of the globally recognized Sustainable Development Goals please apply.

Salma Merhabi

Country Ambassador: Lebanon

Salma Merhebi is a Lebanese pursuing her PhD in chemical engineering at the University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia. She holds a Master’s degree in Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering from the Lebanese University. She is worked on her Master’s final year project entitled “Organic Waste Treatment by Composting: A Case Study in Lebanon”, which is an inexpensive and convenient innovation that can significantly reduce local disposal costs while enriching the soil for future food growth, and having several economic, environmental, community, health and sanitation benefits. Thus, it is suggested that the heat generated during composting processes can be reused as a renewable source of energy. This helped her to understand deeply the big problem facing her country with its consequences on health and environmental levels in details and statistic numbers and the need for solving it. She is interested in environmental projects and has had a passion for renewable energy for a while since these are the emerging topics to solve problems in her country.


Salma has had several volunteering experiences related to education, translation and social work. She is currently an intern with Marj3 which is an online platform that connects students and graduates to scholarships and opportunities. She hopes to benefit from this experience and will do her best to represent BLI in Lebanon.

Shafiul Akber Sajal loves social work, smart digital marketing & creative community building. He believes in advocating for gender equality, sustainable cities and communities and partnership for the goals. In his own words: “Volunteering is my rent to live in this planet”.


Sajal has volunteered for the past two years and this experience has allowed him to work with youths and society through community mobilization. He is passionate about event planning, coordinating programs, workshop-seminars and networking events. Currently, he helps make awesome things happen with New Horizons- Bangladesh Franchise. Here he focuses on professional support, happiness and ensures the best for the customers. Sajal has worked independently with non-profits and enjoys speaking about quality community development. He served as a coordinator where he empowered the university students to solve the most pressing issues in their society through engaging them in creating social impact and including them in future development plans of the program. As Country Ambassador, Sajal hopes to bring his strong communication, networking, counselling and presentation skills into the organization. He also looks forward to resourcefully build the brand and create awareness of the company’s vision and mission.


On a light note, he seizes all opportunities that the Bay of Bengal offers. You are likely find him exploring rural areas, eating his way through Chittagong.

Shafiul Akber Sajal

Country Ambassador: Bangladesh

Yara Yasser

Country Ambassador: Egypt

Yara Yasser is an Egyptian national pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at Mansoura University, Egypt. Currently, Yara is an intern at Marj3, an online platform which provides information and consultancy about scholarships for the MENA Region citizens. She is also a PR and FR Member at Fun Science which aims to develop and change the education system in Egypt by simplifying science through games that illustrate theories based on practice and discovery as opposed to only transmitting and imparting information. Yara recently participated in the cultural exchange program with AIESEC in Turkey for a month to help Turkish students learn English. During that time she also volunteered with Erasmus in the Turkish exchange program.

As Egypt Ambassador, Yara hopes to benefit from this great experience and help her country solve promote and realise Quality Education.

Tariq Alferis is a medical student pursuing a Bachelors in Human Medicine (Tripoli University) and having completed a 5-year college degree in Business Administration from Africa Private University – Tripoli. In his own words:


“Although I love my field of study I felt like something was missing. At university, they teach you the theory but don’t give you a chance to put your knowledge into practice. Luckily, that is exactly what Blue Luxury Investments is offering; giving their Youth Ambassadors all the tools and opportunities they need to make their voice heard. I believe in the statement that every voice counts and I think that a single individual can make a change in a society. The change does not necessarily mean something life-changing but it can mean a small investment that contributes to a larger cause. I’m an easy going person that works well with everyone. I enjoy being around different types of people and I like to always challenge myself to improve at everything I do, and I hope to gain a better sense of the needs of not only my community, but the communities of my peers as well. I want to contribute to implementing change for a better future, my passion for education, health, poverty reduction and human rights are among important issues for the world today. Among those issues, what I am most passionate about is how to empower young people around the world with education.”

Tariq Alferis

Country Ambassador: Libya

Pandey Ramu

Country Ambassador: Nepal

Pandey has been working with various NGOs and INGOs in Nepal making a positive impact in the society. Currently he is the President of the Butwal section for Nepalese Students’ Club,  International Service Director at Rotaract Club of Butwal, Country Director at Youth Research and Development Forum (YRDF), Country Ambassador of Uyolo, Youth Ambassador at World Literacy Foundation, and member at Team NEPO. He believes that volunteerism is the best way that youth can make a difference.

Mr. Anurag is a social entrepreneur who runs the non-profit educational center “INSIGHT” in Assam, India that focuses on imparting education and equipping the students and aspirants for preparing them to get a white collared Government job. He is also serves as a lecturer for Management Studies and Commerce at KK Handique State Open University, Tezpur College Study Center in Assam India. He recently also joined as a guest faculty of Commerce and Management at Tezpur Law College, Tezpur, Assam, India. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D from University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya, India under the Department of Sociology .Currently undergoing his M.A. in Sociology and also his MBA as well. He has presented various papers on pressing issues at international stages including a conference at USA (Durham, North Carolina) at prestigious Duke University, a research paper and a speech at the Commerce Convention of Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility of State Bank of India’ that was presented at the Commerce Convention of Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility of State Bank of India’.  Anurag is a Youth Mentor for NextGEN Safe Spaces for Youth (NSSYM), a youth organization based in London, UK. He is looking forward to participate in designing community programs within India with the goal of localizing the global goals and encouraging community ownership and cultivating action for positive change.

Anurag Hazarika

Country Ambassador: India

Samikisya Madhukullya

Country Ambassador: India

Samikshya Madhukullya is a globally-focused individual with a post-graduate (M.A) Specialization-Cultural Studies (Inter-Disciplinary) from TEZU-Tezpur Central University, Tezpur, Assam. She is also currently pursuing her second Master’s degree in Gender and Women Studies. She recently presented a paper in International Seminar on “LAND and WATER Issues in South-East Asia: Status, Challenges and Opportunities” under NERIWALM (North-Eastern Regional Institute of Land and Water Management) under Ministry of Land and Water Resources, Government of India.(sponsored by North -Eastern Council Shillong). Samikshya possesses leadership and team management skills as well as excellent communication qualities and a strong work ethic. She is looking forward to participate in the global ambassador program as a point of contact in helping to spread brand visibility and work with communities in India.

Hyvon holds a Bachelor Degree in Social works and Social Administration of Uganda Christian University  – Mukono, Post Graduate Diploma in  Project monitoring and Evaluation of Makerere University. She is currently pursuing a degree in Project Planning and Management from Uganda Management institute ( UMI). Hyvon has more than five ( 5) years working experiences in developmental work, projects and programme, Planning and implementation , coordination and  partnerships ,capacity building mentorship and empowerment , advocacy among others.


She is the co-founder of Cari Innovation Limited, a project that works with youth and women to mentor and empower them  in creation and scaling of innovative solutions for the sustainable development goals. She has volunteered with children of Peace Uganda as a Social Worker Project Officer. Children of Peace Uganda works with  youth/child soldiers, children born in LRA captivity and those orphaned by LRA war and HIV/AIDS, PWD’s, mental problems caused by war  to make them peace ambassadors in their communities. She was responsible for  planning, implementing and coordinating all activities of the social work department. She was also directly responsible for the management of the CPU peace clubs. She  worked with ASB- German NGO known has Good Samaritan in child protection, a UNICEF founded   project which aimed at enhancing children’s access to services and protection. Keeping children alive and safe, she was the focal point person in all the Child violations rights cases, behavior change communication and community mobilization and capacity building. She also worked as a Social Worker Team leader with War Child Holland an NGO operating in central and Northern Uganda, whose overall objectives are to enhance the general well being of children and youth  in conflict and (post) conflict affected areas and contribute to building peaceful societies by improving their psychological well being.


The global goals she most identifies with are Gender Equality (SDG 5) and Zero Hunger (SDG 2) to achieve food security, improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.


“As global ambassador for Uganda, One of my biggest life lessons and challenges so far in this lifetime has been understanding and regaining my personal power. When I reflect back on my childhood I can see where I created the beliefs that I wasn’t good enough or worthy enough. This wasn’t a conscious thought I remember having but I know that this is where I first learned to believe the story that I wasn’t good enough and so as global ambassador for Uganda I hope to regain my space and power not as global ambassador only but also as someone who is creating a space and platform for young people. I also want to get the  opportunities  to speak to young people and also empower fellow youth, girls and women on achieving sustainable social , economic and even political change. I am  committed to developing my self to the fullest capacity and to serve as a leader and a role model for youth, girls and women in Uganda and globally.”

Caroline Kyimiza Hyvon

Country Ambassador: Uganda

Hussein Ibuva

Country Ambassador: Tanzania

Hussein is a graduate of Procurement and Logistics management, an alumni and co-founder of Green Peace Foundation based in Tanzania. He has two years of  experience volunteering and working on the Sustainable Development Goals and he is very passionate about goal 4 (Quality Education) 15 (Life on Land) and 13 (Climate Action).


His vision is to increase the awareness of all residents of Tanzania about terms such as Waste Management, Recycling, Energy Stability, Household Savings, and also to reduce the killing of innocent animals in the wild, which will ultimately result in a cleaner and better landscape and a 

better place to live for all people.


“Tanzania as well as many other African states are facing the problem of killing animals and using their meat and their livestock. By acting both on the internet and alive with the people  I encounter during my work, I increase awareness that all the animals that live are our treasure around us and that we need to love and protect them. Apart from all this, I want to express the beauty of Tanzania like lakes, rivers, seas, mountains, national parks, many of them, and introduce them to the beautiful and appealing wider mass of people, to make people look and see the beauty of our environment through sharing posts on the internet. With each of  my online postings, i’m spreading more and more awareness of a beautiful and clean environment with beautiful and amazing animals.”

Mr. Sultan Aziz Barai, is an Environmentalist. In 2015, he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Protection & Disaster Management, faculty of environmental sciences, Kabul University.

Ever Since childhood, he has desired to help his country in its path towards peace and economic resilience. As an adult, his outlook has expanded to help nurture sustainable growth and progress on a global scale. Being a pro-active social activist with proven leadership skills in Afghanistan and Ambassador of South Asian youth society (SAYS), he led and conducted several youth empowerment programs and projects.

Mr. Barai is also full individual member of prominent international organizations. He is a full individual member of International Association of Teacher of English as Foreign Language (IATEFL) based in UK. Being a global youth leader, he is a recognized youth member of World Youth Alliance based in New York, USA and the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning.

In addition, his passion towards conserving and protecting biodiversity brought him to join other young environmental leaders in the Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN). Furthermore, his desired to advocate sustainable water utilization was inspired when he was awarded a scholarship from BORDA (Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association) to attend the “25thInternational Engineers Training on Decentralized Waste Water Treatment System (DEWATS)” hosted by Consortium for DEWATS Dissemination (CDD) Society in Bangaluru, India, 2015.

He was one of the appreciated international speakers of World Youth Conference November-2016, India motivating the delegates about youths rule in sustainable development. Besides, his presentation on the types and criteria of becoming a successful entrepreneur and through entrepreneurship how a person can take his/her nation towards development through entrepreneurship, his crucial guidelines on entrepreneurship encouraged the young delegates greatly and got international speaker award and certificate.

In 2017, Mr. Sultan Aziz Barai accomplished his internship with CPO Country Programme office of United Nations Environment Programme Afghanistan. Recently, Mr. Barai was Panelist in World youth Forum, November 2018, Egypt.

Finally, Mr. Barai possesses a unique ability of being persistent and passionate in pursuing and promoting his goals to achieve Sustainable Development throughout the world and across nations. He looks forward to pursuing his passion within the BLI family of Global Ambassadors.

Sultan Aziz

Country Ambassador: Afghanistan

Carla Salcedo Rocca

Country Ambassador: Mexico

Carla Salcedo has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations by one of the leading universities in Mexico, the Universidad Iberoamericana.  During this period, she took part in an exchange program at Complutense University in Madrid. Her academic experience allowed her to meet students from different backgrounds and cultures and to better understand contrasting point of views.


A young professional with an extensive experience in logistics and management services in international organizations, Carla worked at UNDOC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) Mexico for almost six years. Starting as a logistics consultant for the UNODC – National Drug System, she was soon recruited at the Gender and Justice Unit in that same office. Later on, Carla became the head of logistics of UNODC Mexico for over 3 years. She has also worked for Mexico’s Government at PROMEXICO, where she served as financial and administrative assistant, supporting the overseas offices of foreign companies that wanted to trade in Mexico or that were already engaged with the Mexican markets.


Experienced in leading teams into new and growing projects, she is always willing to learn more and push her limits, especially when it comes to social development and awareness-raising (in society in general and young people in particular). Her goal is to make a difference and contribute to sustainable, social and environmental change for a better world.

  • Expectations from the program

Passionate about event planning, coordinating events and developing networking opportunities, I am convinced I will help BLI to connect with strategic partners for social impact.


I am fully committed to the success of BLI’s mission by inspiring global good and positively change my community, particularly since the country I live in faces serious challenges in terms of social inequality, poverty, education, health and human rights. I will encourage young people to take action and put an end to these problems.


I identify with SDG1 and its targets to promote that all men and women have equal rights to economic resources and basic services; SDG5 to advocate for equal opportunities for men and women and the empowerment of all women at all levels; and SDG13 to integrate climate change policies in all planning and strategies for all countries.


“Every voice counts, and everyone can make a change in society, so let’s all stand together to make a better world and not be afraid of failure.”

Elliot is the founder of Human Nature Projects, a charity aiming to reconnect people to the planet, creating a conservation community which is both accessible and empowering to those involved. He is one of the 2019 Youth Ambassadors to CoalitionWILD, Regional Ambassador for Tunza Eco-Generation, the GARN Youth Circle and HundrED, Assistant Country Director for Global Peace Chain, Asia-Pacific Coordinator for the Youth for Our Planet movement, Ambassador to the Laurence Anthony Earth Organization and a recent addition to the Jane Goodall Institute Australia’s National Youth Leadership Council.

Following a philosophy of taking every opportunity available, Elliot has spent countless hours volunteering on conservation initiatives in his local community and worldwide. Those organizations he has assisted include WWF, The Nature Conservation Council, The Wilderness Society, Birdlife International, Taronga Conservation Society, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Greater Sydney Landcare, Zoological Lighting Institute, In Focus Conservation, Project Drawdown and Save the Frogs amongst others. He also established and continues to run the only field naturalists group in the Sydney area.

Throughout all of his work, Elliot seeks to act as a voice for biodiversity, for the environment- all of those downtrodden, unrepresented lifeforms which suffer at the hands of mankind’s advancement. He believes passionately that society as a whole must soon recognize its ties with the natural world and act on these if we are ever to achieve the prosperous future we all aspire towards.

Elliot Connor

Country Ambassador: Australia

Emilia Miki

Country Ambassador: Cameroon

Emilia (Emily) Epeti Miki, is the Founder/CEO of Denis Miki Foundation and Efeti Ventures. She is a dynamic Transformational Speaker, Writer and fierce Feminist. She is a Humanitarian Worker, Peacebuilder and Philanthropist. Working on the frontline, Emily has a proven record of developing sustainable programs, projects and coordinating and facilitating the implementation of community development programs, forums, networks, coalitions, alliances, focus group discussions, bootcamps, outreaches and projects on topics addressing gender equality, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR), women and youth participation in peacebuilding, fighting inequality, protection of human rights, political participation, cultural and artistic activism. As a social entrepreneur, Emily works to reduce poverty through economic empowerment, mentorship and coaching. She currently facilitates capacity building trainings, women and youth empowerment trainings and projects, community and rural development outreach programs. Her projects have touched over 6 out of the 10 regions of Cameroon in the areas of health, education, countering violent extremism, food security, talent promotion, and wealth creation. Her work has increased impact substantially and has impacted over 15,000 youth, 5000 women and has made it possible for her to receive invitations to consult in the organization of several events from government institutions, international organisations and diplomatic missions.


Emily is a Peacebuilder with Mediators Beyond Borders International USA, a 2019 Hiroshima Peacebuilder, 2018 Obama Leader, 2017 Mandela Washington Fellow, 2017 YALI Connect Camp alumni, 2017 YALI Emerging Leader, 2017 Queen Young Leader Runner Up, a World Pulse Change Maker and Voices of Our Future Leader, 2016 Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society. She is the Acting Coordinator of the International Women Leaders and a member of the South West and North West Women Task Force (SNWOT). Ranked one of the 50 most influential young Cameroonians, she is an Actress & Producer with the Cameroon Film Industry. Emily holds a Masters of Arts degree in International Relations in the option of International Communication and Public Action from the International Relations Institute of Cameroon and a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the University of Buea. She is a multiple award winner, an action and impact oriented social justice and gender activist.

Tasnim Hemmadeh is an Electrical Engineer and founder of Act Green who has worked with multiple organizations on environment and education. She has also made use of opportunities to network and collaborate with Syrian youth, through various events like TEDx, Deam Matcher and others.

She enjoys shaping Ideas, problem solving and meeting new people while still maintaining a special place in her heart for science. She is a British Council Fellow and has worked for the Aga Khan Foundation.

Tasnim aspires to be part of shaping futuristic and sustainable Ideas. Her experience with International NGOs and her own startup made her more aware of the social and bureaucratic barriers against effective sustainable projects. She is hoping to demystify this in Syria through her participation in the Global Ambassador Program. She also hopes to understand development work better so that she can apply it to her work. 

Tasnim Hemmadeh

Country Ambassador: Syria

Innocent Omil

Country Ambassador: Kenya

Innocent Deckoks is a Young African Leaders Initiative Fellow and a passionate Environmental Planner. He has a clear vision to merge development processes and sustainability through gender mainstreaming in sustainable development initiatives. He is Founder and Managing Director of Eco-Sanctify Consultants Limited. He is a Registered Associate Expert of Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Audits. In addition, he is proficient in the identification and solving of hazards at the workplace, risk assessment procedures and preparation of safety plans. He is also a Business Development Officer at that conducts energy audits and development of energy management programs to help organizations reduce their operation costs. He is the National Coordinator of Girls Paint Africa Green Kenya; an initiative that seeks to embrace the resilience of the girl child in effective climate governance and being impact change-makers. 



He is the secretary of the Climate Finance Thematic Working Group under Kenya Platform for Climate Governance; currently convened by Pan African Climate Justice Alliance seeking to improve the capacity of civil society organizations on climate finance access and modalities for two years now. He is also a Youth Advocate at African Youth Initiative on Climate Change- Kenya and a founding member under the Environmental Peacebuilding Association as a Peace Ambassador. Innocent is also an alumnus of the Young African Leaders Initiative. He is a very much passionate champion for the realization of SDGs 1, 5, 7,11 and 13. His aim is to be a vital resource in the environmental protection and preservation entourage and the wider scope of world peace. He intends to play a part by getting the necessary skills and expertise to facilitate the aspect of gender equality through the critical factor that is women empowerment in communities in Kenya, Africa and even in the world. This, in the space of climate governance by working to improve knowledge and technical capacity of young girls and women towards seeking and acquiring climate finances that in turn, facilitate effective mitigation and adaptation practices.



He seeks to work in collaboration towards sharing skills and innovating within this space to improve the environment and boost efforts of his region and the globe at large, towards climate change adaptation and mitigation


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