We are involved in policy design around causes within our mandate with the goal to improve livelihoods. We work with governments, local authorities and communities on implementation of activities that support the policy process. We also engage in lobbying  and advocacy for sustainable development. Our approach follows a policy, advocacy and lobbying strategy as explained below. 


including policy design and implementation

We work on drafting position papers that will influence policy for good within causes we care about. We also contribute to the different stages of policy including; agenda setting, policy formulation, adoption (or decision making), implementation and evaluation. We endeavor to include in our project implementation an aspect of policy to be able to tie local action with support and/or commitment from governments. You are invited to visit our “projects” page to learn more about or work.

Our advocacy work is tied to campaigns and causes we care about. We work with local communities and other organizations to design and run campaigns with the goal to raise awareness about pertinent issues on health, education and the environment. To read more about our advocacy work we invite you to check out our “campaigns” page.


on societal and emergent issues


Key Stakeholders and Decision Makers

We work to ensure better outcomes for communities in which we work and this includes some aspect of negotiations and round table dialogues with key stakeholders. We work with key stakeholders including communities to assess needs and find solutions that are sustainable. To learn more of what type of events we attend that shape our knowledge of societal issues, please visit our “events” page.

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