Youth 4 NDCs Dialogue

On 12 December, 2019 Plant-for-the-Planet, BLI Global and BCCIC held an on-ground consultation with governments and young people on how they could enhance their NDCs at the national level. Present was the IPCC, UNFCCC Secretariat (ACE division), NDC Partnership and COP25 Presidency.

15 Countries that participated in the open dialogue, including Austria, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Finland among others. The dialogue included a scene setting on developed and Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC) inputs on the challenges they face in implementing their NDCs and what can be done to improve implementation and enhancement.

The overall outcomes from the consultation were:

  • Young people want to be involved in the enhancement and implementation of national level NDCs
  • Governments welcome open dialogue to understand better how to engage young people back home
  • Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) is a key tool linking policy with action on ground
  • General disconcerting sentiment about “business as usual” approach at COP