James the Steward

Rural Environmental Sustainability Initiative (RESI) and BLI Global have partnered to design and distribute a 25 page comic book for young children all over the world to learn about climate change and take action to safe guard the future of the planet.

In as much as a lot has been done by governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their countries, not enough is being done to educate the next generation about the climate change and its impacts. There still exists a communication gap with most climate change and environmental programs targeting older generations, government, policy makers and scientists. This approach has neglected the most important of audiences – children.

Children below the age of 15 constitute 1.8 billion (World Bank, 2017), nearly one third of the world’s population. This represents an audience eager to learn and influence older generations like their parents to change harmful behaviors. We therefore believe that if school going children between ages 5-12 are involved in climate smart education, we can create a future generation that understands the importance of conserving the environment, and most importantly that takes action for a safer climate.