Empowering Children to #beatplasticpollution – In collaborative partnership with the IUCN CEC

We are so excited to announce that our “Even Children Can” campaign for the World Environment Day #BeatPlasticPollution theme got featured on the IUCN web portal, to a global community passionate about conserving nature. Below is a snippet. Please visit IUCN to read the entire article! Special thanks goes out to the amazing BLI team and the IUCN CEC community for the support.

Why Children?

We all recalled the time when we were young children, growing up in school and how simple activities shaped our ideas into what we are today. School was our safe space to be silly, dream big and explore nature. We also learned how to care for our environment through visits to theme parks (the Botanical Gardens) and the Zoo (now renamed the Uganda Wildlife Education Center). It therefore felt timely to give back to a community that constituted a formative part of our childhood, and in turn inspire the next generation to love and protect nature.