The Uyolo App: A Cool New App That Makes Giving Fun

On June 15th, our friends at Uyolo launched this amazing app that will revolutionalize philanthropy. Here is a press briefing on what the potential of this application to change the way we give to causes we care about.

An “Instagram[1]” for social good has been released on both Google Play and App Store. A little tech revolution with the promise to bring about a huge change… Because Kind is the new Cool!

MILAN, ITALY – 19 July, 2018 – Uyolo, an innovative digital platform to promote strategic philanthropy and active citizenship, has been launched worldwide by Uyolo srl. It combines social networking with a micro-donation platform and allows users to interact and donate to the causes they most care about through a simple ‘’like’’.

Uyolo’s vision is to promote philanthropy and volunteering among youth while supporting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations in 2015 to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity.

“Uyolo provides an easy, fun and fulfilling way to raise awareness on key social and environmental issues such as the global migrant crisis and climate change. It not only provides a window to the world, but also an opportunity for everyday-user to get involved and make a difference,’’ says Alessandra Gargiulo, Co-founder of Uyolo, who bets on the Millennial generation to make change happen.

Few fundraising platforms have the ability to engage youths on a daily basis. Instead, Uyolo aims to address the growing Millennial appeal to social good and justice, with its user-friendly and attractive interface, while bringing them closer to the work of selected nonprofit organizations. Through the app, indeed, users engage with non-profit organizations – all vetted by Uyolo to ensure transparency and accountability –  and contribute to amplifying their visibility and fundraising.

An initiative to democratize philanthropy and make it more reachable, innovative, strategic and engaging, the platform already hosts over 300 users and 15 nonprofit organizations from several countries including Tanzania, India, Hong-Kong, Lithuania, Ukraine, France, Italy and the USA with many more to come….

“We are delighted to associate with Uyolo and its amazing members. Appreciate all your efforts and your initiative to support the work like ours across the world.’’ Tejas, Founder of Sparky Football, a football initiative based in India to Engage, Educate and Empower children on life skills.

Uyolo is free and available worldwide on the latest OS mobile versions in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Italian, and its ambition does not stop here! The next versions of the app will allow users to create and participate in volunteering events as well as in corporate giving initiatives.

About Uyolo

Uyolo, from the Xhosa word “Happiness’’, originated from a dream of social justice we first had in South Africa where we witnessed the disconnection among the stakeholders in the philanthropic sector. Today, Uyolo is a social enterprise dedicated to promoting philanthropy and volunteering, especially among youths, by leveraging the opportunities offered by digital technologies. More information on LinkedIn, and Instagram.


Yetoe Menye Akakpo Guetou : Marketing and Communication

Phone : +39 340 7506391; Email:

To download the Uyolo app on App store click here, on Google Play click here

[1] Instagram is a trademark of INSTAGRAM, LLC