Donate to the COVID-19 Family Relief Fund

Help us give hope to families during the coronavirus pandemic by donating as little as USD $10 to the COVID-19 Family Relief Fund. Our goal is to raise a minimum of USD $5000 to be disbursed to 50 families hardest hit in developing countries as a $100 gift package comprising medical supplies, food, clean water, disinfectants and hand-sanitizers.

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StoryTelling with James The Steward

There still exists a communication gap with most climate change and environmental programs targeting older generations, government, policy makers and scientists. This approach has neglected the most important of audiences – children who constitute nearly one third of the world’s population. This represents an audience eager to learn and influence older generations like their parents to change harmful behaviors….

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Donate to Bring Safe Water Closer


Access to clean water remains a challenge in low-income regions and underdeveloped communities. As of 2017, over 80 million Nigerians living in rural communities lacked access to basic social amenities because of absence of dependable data. The Rural Impact Accessibility Map project is a user-friendly digital platform that aggregates people-generated and verified data to encourage development at the grassroots…

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Donate to Women, Clean Energy and Better Business

powering women entrepreneurs

Access to secure, clean and affordable energy is vital to fostering innovation and promoting economic growth and lowering greenhouse gas emissions in emerging countries. Unfortunately, most of the world’s population still struggles with the transition to clean energy consumption. Around 84% of those without electricity access reside in rural areas and more than 95% of those living without electricity…

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